November 6, 2013

Before Choosing a Career

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Deciding what technical career path you will follow is one of the hardest questions you will eventually face in life. For this exact reason you will find so many students in college with no direction. Most students enter into college and simply take the basic courses for the first couple of years, thinking that they will eventually decide what career they will chose. While this is not all bad, it is not a good either. Entering into college with at least some direction can save you both time and money.


What are some key questions you should ask yourself before choosing a career?

  • What do I expect from my career?
  • Will the career path I chose fulfill my needs both materially and mentally?
  • What is the current and expected job demand for a particular career?
  • How much schooling is required?
  • Will I have to leave home or my home town to receive the required education I need?
  • Will this career force me to travel often, and if so will this pose a family problem?

These are just some of the questions you should ponder over before ever deciding not only on a career, but before attending school. Knowing the direction you want your education to take you can cut down significantly on the amount of time you spend in school learning the skills or education you need. With a technical career, vocational and trade schools can launch you quickly from school, straight into the job you are looking for. They are able to do this because they have career minded programs that teach you what you need to know and not much of anything else. In most cases, this cuts out the basic courses you may have to take in a traditional college or university.

Career minded technical schools, often times, offer job placement programs as well. Many times trade schools have close ties with the community in which they are located and if they cannot get you a job directly, many times they offer many connections to the industry that you may not be able to make easily on your own. These connections many times lead to jobs in the future.
Here at the IT Career Hub we are dedicated to showing you many of the basics behind many technical or trade careers. We will touch base on many different trade school careers, such as auto mechanics and the schools that offer the courses need to succeed. The same will be done with technical careers such as that of an x ray technicianmedical billinglaboratory techrespiratory therapynursingsonography and many other medical technical careers. We will touch on the schooling required, the job demand, job descriptions and annual salaries. We hope we can take some of the guess work out of choosing a life long career, and can help you to find a school that will get you were you want to go.

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