November 6, 2013

How to Become a Certified Nursing Assistant

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The health care industry certainly offers the most stable career option for anyone who is considering a long term career with high job demand and great wages. With the growing population of both young and old, there just seems no end to any job in hospitals and clinics. To make things easier for nurses and doctors, an expanding number of careers have opened up for many individuals seeking a decent salary in hospitals. The job market has now opened opportunities for nursing assistants. Nursing assistants are not nurses; they rank much lower and are usually under the command of a registered nurse. Unlike nurses, they are not able to perform health teachings, assess and care for complicated clients. Nursing assistants are given tasks suited to their skills that were learned through vocational nursing schools, but they may be given slightly complicated tasks if they are experienced enough.

In order for one to become a nursing assistant, dedication, love of work and critical thinking abilities are top qualities that one must have. With nursing assistants, humility is certainly a must. Dealing with sick patients all day can take its’ toll even on the most patient person, but as you see your patient getting better and better everyday, there certainly is a sense of satisfaction for a job well done.

Becoming a nursing assistant is relatively easy. The type of training and education you will get in schools requires minimal to moderate effort of the mind as the tasks are usually physical in nature. Those who want to become nursing assistants should be relatively fit and able as there is a lot of physical strength required for lifting, positioning and caring for patients. The classes will last for 6-12 weeks so those who do decide to become nursing assistants will be able to find jobs faster than most people. The subjects covered during schooling will cover the basics of anatomy and physiology, fundamental infection control and positioning skills and lastly basic activities of daily living skills. A lot of students who undergo these classes will earn better appreciation for their bodies and minds as the classes are almost relatively easy to complete.

Training to become a certified nursing assistant will cost anywhere between $1000- $4000, though financial aid is always available to help out an eligible applicant. Some employers will even offer the training for free if the applicant is willing to sign a long term contract with their facility.

In order to become a certified nursing assistant, one has to take a certification exam. These exams can be offered by the schools they studied in, the local health board for their state or- if you want a better sounding resume- by the National Nurse Aide Assessment Program also known as the NNAAP. The certification ensures employers that you have all the necessary skills in order to begin working as a certified nursing assistant.

Many nursing assistants can find work in nursing homes, palliative care facilities, and mental health facilities and even at the residences of the patients. They are an invaluable member of the health team as they interact with patients more than the doctors and the nurses themselves.

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