November 6, 2013

Lab Technician Career Description

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Medical lab technicians or clinical lab technicians have one of the most promising careers as far as future outlook and stability go. If you like medicine and science then you might want to look into a career as a lab tech. This article is designed to inform you about the skills and requirements you will need to meet to become an accomplished medical lab tech. How far you take your schooling, your knowledge and experience in this field will greatly affect your job placement, stability and technician salary.  Wage stats can be found at

A medical lab tech helps medical personnel, such as doctors, to identify illness and disease so a treatment plan can be put into effect. This is a life saving work and attention to detail is very important so as to help minimize mistakes. A lab tech also has to be prompt and thorough in completing work tasks. This job requires a person to be ethical, honest, responsible, dependable, and reliable when fulfilling obligations. A medical lab tech’s job can at some times include high stress situations so a person considering this career will have to be able to deal effectively and productively with criticism and be able to remain calm in a stressful situation. Clinical and medical lab technicians work under the supervision of a medical lab technologist or lab manager so a tech needs to be able to follow instructions while remaining respectful and courteous.

A clinical or medical lab technician also has to be willing to take on responsibilities and challenges that other jobs might not require. Sometimes, the answer to a medical problem is not apparent right away, so a lab tech has to be persistent and keep trying to solve the problem. Lab techs also work in close quarters with other medical personnel so they have to be able to get along with others and keep the work environment friendly and non-competitive. Even though a lab tech works along someone else, they also have to be able to work alone and make their own decisions. At all times a lab tech has to remember they are working to help people and their work has to reflect this. It cannot be sloppy or inaccurate due to laziness.

The educational requirements for a medical and clinical lab tech are:

  • A high school diploma or the equivalent. It will help if a person takes as many life science classes as possible during high school.
  • Completing an associate degree program in medical lab technology that includes clinical training. A person seeking a career in this field can usually obtain their degree at a junior college, technical school, teaching hospital, or even from the armed forces.
  • Candidates must also pass a national certification exam.

The medical field is ever growing and jobs will always be available to those who want to work for it. A lab technician will make a good living but the average medical lab technician salary greatly varies on the schooling, experience, age and location of ones job.  With motivation and time you can start a career in the medical lab field in little time.

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