November 6, 2013

The Shape and Beauty of a Nail Technician Career

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A nail technician’s job includes manicures, pedicures and nail extensions. Nail technicians must always keep their tools and equipments clean in order to make sure that they will be able to prevent the spread of infection and diseases. They must prepare their clients nails by first removing the old nail polish with a nail polish remover. Then, she will clean the nails using soap and water. They must also observe the condition of the client’s nails and remove any dead skin from the hands or feet when needed by applying lotion and massaging it. A nail technician also shapes and smoothens the end of the nail using nail cutters, nail files and etc. They also trim the cuticles using a knife to push it back to a scissor to trim the cuticles.

Being a nail technician is not just all about painting the nails of the customers in different colors or filing them into specific shapes. It is also about giving the nails its own personality so that they can speak for itself. A good nail technician knows how to make the nails look good by showing off those nice colors and accessories through nail arts.

Being a nail technician will definitely make profit. Becoming one has its own benefits where the job has flexible time schedules and one can earn a lot for sure. Nail technicians can earn a salary of $36,000 a year. The average nail technician salary also differs since it is affected by a lot of factors like education, experience, the kind of facility and so on.

What does it take to be a nail technician? What are the trainings and education needed? In almost all places, the first step to take in order to become a nail technician is to have an education. One is required to have a high school diploma or a general education development (GED) diploma before going into this kind of career. But in some places where one can be a nail technician just after completing how many years of high school. After one has finished their high school education and earn a diploma or GED, they must meet the educational requirements needed by the nail technician school. The next step they will undertake is to enroll in a cosmetology program. This program is available in every beauty and vocational schools where they will give you a certificate after completing the coursework.  The school will be tackling on different topics but this depends on what school you chose to go. You will be able to learn how to apply gel nails, how to do silk wraps, pedicures, manicures and the like. They do not only teach the technical side but also how you would relate to your customers and create a safe and healthy work environment as well.  After one has completed the whole program then you will be able to earn a certificate. Earning a license is the next step to become a nail technician. Other requirements depend on the approved training program or on the state.

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