November 6, 2013

X Ray Technician Career Path

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Are you interested in a career as a X-Ray Technician? An X-Ray technician’s job entails taking pictures of a person’s body to see and diagnose a medical problem. An X-Ray Technician uses sophisticated equipment in order to do this but first he or she must be trained for a short period of time in this field. The training is for about a year or two and can be achieved at a vocational school or at a college or university. After training is completed a X-Ray Technician can expect to find a job at a wide variety of businesses including hospitals, doctor’s offices,radiology clinics, veterinary clinics, dentist offices and many more. This career is in demand because many people worry about radiation exposure which is associated with an x-ray and have sought other career placement, because of this there is a larger market to find employment in this field and during training a studying x-ray tech is instructed on appropriate ways to protect themself as well as a patient in the most appropriate and safe way with as little radiation exposure as possible. They do this by keeping radiation to a minimum amount as well as using lead sheets and other blocking devices.

Training requirements                                               

During training an X-Ray Tech is instructed in medical terminology that they will need to know. They will learn how to operate x-ray equipment whether this be portable or stationed, they will learn how to take and develop x-ray films, and how to help an individual feel at ease while they position there body to get an accurate picture. This is an important part of the job as a x-ray tech may come across individuals who are nervous and uncooperative. This requires patience, compassion,and a good attitude to help a patient who is uncooperative or injured, so people skills are a must in this profession. During training expect to receive business ethics training as well because there are statutes that prohibit a X-Ray Technician from disclosing there findings on film to anyone, including the patient. That assignment will be handled by the physician. However a x-ray technician is trained to spot suspected emergecy problems which they will then immediatley report to a physician or radiologist.

Salary range

The salary of a x-ray tech was at a suprising low in july of 2009, but since then has had a huge boost and a trainee can expect to receive a starting annual salary of $45,000. There are however many x-ray technicians nationally who report a salary of up to $55,000 a year and up. There is even 5% of this population reporting annual earnings of up to $90,000. Also being certified with radiological medical societies and also having a bachelors degree can help you make more money as an x-ray technician. As with any career, many aspects come into play that determine the amount of money you can expect to earn in that career. Those same aspects affect the annual x ray technician salary as well. These variables include, your education and schooling, geographic location as well as your job location along with your total experience in the field.

Career environment

A x-ray technician will typically work  a normal  fourty hour work week. Usually working in shifts, a x ray tech will sometimes be  “on-call” and thus be required to come in on short notice. Most will report in at a hospital but many x-ray techs work at a clinic or privately owned doctors office. The environment should be at a place that is sanitary and friendly, therefore cleanliness and people skills are a must.

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